Frequencies: Le Playlist della Redazione 2021

Facciamo il punto sulle uscite discografiche più interessanti dell'anno appena concluso


Ed ecco le playlist 2021 della nostra redazione:

Federico Spadavecchia

1. The Ne-21 – In The Realm Of Electricity (She lost kontrol)
2. Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant (Axis)
3. Shari Delorian – Seven Swords (Realia)
4. Anthony Rother – Dekatron (PSI49NET)
5. CEM3340 – 080 (Curtis Electronix)
6. Plant43 – Sublunar Tides (Plant43)
7. Alan Backdrop – Ætherna (self release)
8. Mike Paradinas – Scurlage (Analogical Force)
9. Valentino Mora – Underwater (Spazio Disponibile)
10. Alan Vega – Mutator (Sacred Bones)

Must have from the past (Best reissue 2021):

Coil – Love’s Secret Domain (Infinite Fog Productions)
Nu-Era – Beyond Gravity (Reflective)
Kenny Larkin – Azimuth (Art of dance)
Seefeel – Rupt + Flex 94 — 96 (Warp)
Various – Ciao Italia (Generazioni Underground) (Rebirth)
James Bernard – Unreleased Works 1994​-​1999 (Volumes 1 & 2) (A strange isolated place)
Arpanet – Wireless Internet (Record Makers)
Yellow Yawn, Quideau – ’86 – ’88 (Veleno Viola)

Christian Citterio & Simone KK Deambrogi

in ordine alfabetico:

Anthony Rother – Dekatron (PSI49NET)
CEM3340 – 080 (Curtis Electronix)
Darren Nye – Memories of The Future (Exalt)
Data Rebel – Out of Bounds (Self Release)
DJ Godfather – This Detroit Thing of Ours (Databass)
DJ Surgeles – Tales From The Extraordinary (Axis)
DJ Surgeles – Triglav (Axis)
DVS NME – The Electro Manifesto (Self Release)
dynArec – Exotic Landscape (Diffuse Reality) (Reissue)
Françoise Dillinger – Mindframe: Cycles (Specimen)
Giri – Antichthon (Axis)
info – Lost Demos (Self Release)
Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant (Axis)
London Modular Alliance – Portable Sanctuary (Applied Rhythmic Technology)
Mike Storm – Indigenous Lifeforms (Axis)
Mike Storm + DJ Surgeles – Some Thing Some Where (Axis)
Nu Era – Beyond Gravity (Reflective) (Reissue)
Orbe – Beyond Our Ability (Axis)
Orlando Voorn – Star Travel (Axis)
Plant43 – Sublunar Tides (Plant43)
Potential Differense – Gate (Detroit Underground)
Rupert Lally – Maniac’s Almanac (Spun Out of Control)
Sync 24 – Inside The Microbeat (Cultivated Electronics)
The Future Sound of London – We Have Explosive 2021 (fsoldigital)
Ticco Ross – Exploring The Deep (Diffuse Reality)
VC-118A – Siritual Machines (Delsin)
Zachary Lubin – Abeona/Adiona (Axis)

Darren Nye – Forgotten Technology (Magnonic Signals)
Fastgraph – ROTOC (KlaKson)
Final Dream – Project Fear (New Flesh)
Humanoid – sT8818r Humanoid (De:tuned)
info – Initial Thoughts (Self Release)
info – Lost Demos 2 (Self Release)
info – 東京の夜明け (Self Release)
Intelligenza Artigianale – Elettrosumma (Distant Future)
LectrO cOd_E – Fusion (Woodwork)
Nuron – La Source EP #2 (De:tuned)
Sustrapperazzi – Return From Shibuya (Ilian Tape)

Klute – Singles (1995-1999) ( Commercial Suicide)
Manix – Stupid Dope Years (Reinforced)
Nuron+Fugue – 1993-1996 (Self Release)
Various – Ciao Italia (Generazioni Underground) (Rebirth)

Cannibal Se-lecter

The Bug – Fire (Ninja Tune)
Lorraine James – Reflection (Hyperdub)
Skee Mask – Pool (Ilian Tape)
Alessandro Cortini – Scuro Chiaro (Mute)
Heogen – Odd radio circle (Touched Music)
Rekab – Analogue isolation (Móatún 7)
Appleblim – Infinite Hieroglyphics (Sneaker Social Club)
EVA 808 – Sultry Venom (Innamind Recordings)
Om Unit – Retrieval (Self relaesed)
Cult 48 – Underground Signals From An Unknown Place (C48)

Gianluca Fusari

Populous – Stasi (La Tempesta Dischi)
AFM – Circuiti Cardiaci (Eves Music)
Paraadiso – all’unisono (SVBKVLT)
gFFr -The Empty Cent (Autoprodotto)
Not Waving & Romance – Tropic Of Desire (Ecstatic)
Fallen- Memories were Scents Shimmering (Moods Records)
ILUITEQ – The Loss Of Wilderness (n5MD)
Sonobe – Frames n2 (Per Musica Ad Astra)
Donato Dozzy – Daniele Di Gregorio – Buchla & Marimba (Maga Circe Musica)
Cabaret du Ciel – The Breath Of Infinity (Quindi Records)
Simona Zamboli – Ethernity (Mille Plateaux)
PCM – Macro (n5MD)
Cosimo Damiano – Hypnos (Survive ltd.)
Alessandro Cortini – Scuro Chiaro (Mute)
SSIEGE – Meteora (Meteora Knekelhuis)
Marco Shuttle – Cobalt Desert Oasis (Incienso)
Simone Giudice – Materia (Semantica Records)
CO-PILOT – Green Machine (New Interplanetary Melodies)
One Million Eyes – Brama (A Strangely Isolated Place)
Atoloi – Inflorescenze (Sure Things)
Federico Mosconi – Dreamers and Tides (DRONARIVM)
Healing Force Project – Future Form, Functionless (Tending Void)